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Isfahan - a city located in the central part of Iran (Persia), which has the tradition as a capital city due to the fact that many dynasties used it as a capital. Many nations, including the Mongols and the Seljuk left their cultural marks on this 5.000 year-old city. In the 16th ad 17th century, Isfahan is on the top of its development and was considered "the paradise of art and beauty"

Making carpets in Isfahan is a century old tradition, and this is the place where some of the most valuable pieces were made; some of them with over 10.000 knots on decimeter square for hoes making were used golden and silver nits.

Isfahan models are predominantly with white, beige or light blue color. Sometimes up to fifteen colors are used in order for a contrast to be made, and even red color can be seen. Mostly we can see motives of birds and flowers (most offer roses). In the center is a medallion which is rarely multiplied. The basis of the carpet and the bordures are clearly distinguished.

Isfahan carpets are very respected and popular, as well as considered a good investment. Most often they are between 200.000 and 1 million knots per square meter, which is a guarantee for supreme quality.