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Basic info

Persepolis, as part of the ENT FKK group, besides trading with industrial materials, also distributes handmade and manufactured carpets in the Balkan region. Persepolis has two show-rooms, one in Skopje and one in Belgrade, and our products are distributed in the rest of the countries in the region. We are twenty years present on the market and our offer is consisted of handmade and manufactured Persian carpets and kilims as well as crystal chandeliers.


Bringing it close to you and teaching you know about the art of making handmade Persian carpets is our mission, as well as making those unique products available for you.


Persepolis is led by the vision of becoming the leading supplier of Persian carpets in the Balkan region, opening new markets and being recognized by our clients and partners.


Our values are:
- Satisfying the needs and desires of our clients
- Both-way satisfaction in the cooperation with our partners